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Hank Aaron played in 3,213 major league games, while Babe Ruth played in 2,503 major league games.

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Q: Who played more major league baseball games Babe Ruth or hank arron?
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Who played most Major League Baseball games?

Pete Rose played in 3,562 games.

What sports are played in the Skydome?

The Skydome has been host to Major League Baseball games and National Football League games.

How many games were played in major league baseball in 1957?


How many major league baseball games were played in 1967?


Major League Baseball most games played?

Pete Rose played 3,562 games between 1963 and 1986.

How many MLB games are played each year?

Major League baseball teams play a 162 game season.

Are there any baseball games in September?

Yes, there are baseball games in September. Major League Baseball plays regular season games all the way into the first week of October. The playoffs are played in October with the World Series ending in November. There are also fall league baseball games played in the month of September. This includes the MLB fall league, college fall leagues and high school fall leagues.

What major league baseball player has played the most postseason games?

derek jeeter

Are National League baseball games shorter then American League baseball games.?

No, Both American and National league baseball games are 9 innings long

In a baseball league there are 4 teams how many games must be played for each team to play the other 3?

There are six teams in a baseball league. How many games must be played for each team to play the other five?

What is the total number of baseball players in a baseball game?

18 or 20. In games played where the home team is from the National League, there are 9 players on each team. In games played where the home team is from the American League there are 10 players on each team. This is because the American League allows for a designated hitter, whereas the National League does not.

What player has played in the most postseason games in the major league baseball?

Derek Jeter holds the record for most career games played in the postseason with 138.