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Alan Hudson played for England Chelsea Stoke and Aresenal

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Q: Who played for England Chelsea stoke and arsenal first name Alan?
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When did the first league meeting of Arsenal vs Chelsea take place?

Arsenal and Chelsea are both European football teams (soccer in the United States). Their first game was in 1907. Since then they have played 179 times, with Arsenal winning the majority of them.

Which player has played for arsenal Chelsea tottenham?

Clive Allen- surely not, he didn't play for the Arsenal first team did he - in a competitive match? William Gallas - Chelsea 2001-2006, Arsenal 2006-2010, Tottenham 2010-present

Who has played for Chesea Arsenal and Tottenham?

William Gallas and Emmanuel Adebayor Emmanuel Adebayor has never played for Chelsea. he played for Arsenal, Man City & Spurs. William Gallas is the only player in history. Clive Allen was part of the Arsenal Youth setup, before playing for Chelsea and Spurs, but did not make a first team appearance for the Gunners.

Did Arsenal win the Premier League in 2005?

No it was won by Chelsea, their first title in 50 years but Arsenal did win the F.A.Cup

What was the first team that eden hazard when he was yonug?

edan hazard now play for chelsea but i thing he is rubbish he can not fit into the chelsea team his first team was arsenal fotball club in the uk

How many times have Chelsea won at Stamford bridge?

make sure arsenal all most they beat Chelsea

How do you get on a team for arsenal?

First of all you need to move to England

What year was Arsenal funded?

Arsenal were founded in 1886 and, in 1893, became the first club from the south of England to join the football league

How old was cesc fabregas when he made his debut for arsenal?


How old was theo walcott when he first played for arsenal?


How many times Barcelona beat Chelsea in all competition?

As far I know, FC Barcelona and Arsenal have played 4 times. First time: FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal Second time: Arsenal 2-2 FC Barcelona Third time: FC Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal Fourth time: Arsenal 2-1 FC Barcelona

What number will podolski wear for arsenal?

for the first time he played he wore #9