Who played both Football and Baseball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Deion sanders is famous for playing in both the NFL and MLB. He eventually had to end his Baseball career though.

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Deion Sanders

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Q: Who played both Football and Baseball?
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Who played in both a football and baseball all-star game?

Bo Jackson

Did Reggie Jackson play football and baseball?

Yes he played both at USC

Was there anyone who played soccer football baseball basketball and hockey?

Not that ive ever heard of but i know that somone people have played both pro football and baseball and he would fly to the football games at 1:00 then fly to that baseball games at 7:30.

What was the first division 1 sport played at UCLA?

Football and baseball were both 1st played the same year

How many players have played both baseball and football at USC?

mike garret,fred lynn,

What is a sport played in Seattle WA?

Baseball and football are both played in Seattle, Washington.NFL (Seattle Seahawks)MLB (Seattle Mariners)

What sport was played first baseball or football?


Did anyone play baseball and football in the MLB and NFL?

Yes, several players have played both Major League Baseball and NFL Football, including: * Bo Jackson * Deion Sanders * Danny Ainge

In what stadium are both professional football and baseball played?

I know that the Toronto Argonauts (of the CFL) and the Toronto Blue Jays both play at the Rogers Center.

What athletes have had careers in two major league sports?

Bo Jackson and Deon Sanders both played pro football and baseball. Michael Jordan played basketball and took a stab at baseball.

What are Bill Cosby's hobbies?

He played football baseball and baseball

What are Bill Cosby's hobbies?

He played football Baseball and baseball