Who owns carnival corporation?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Who owns carnival corporation?
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Who owns the carnival glory?

Carnival Corporation

Who owns Cunard Line?

Carnival Corporation

Who owns the the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship?

The Carnival Fantasy cruise ship is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, owner and operator of Carnival Cruise Lines. The word "Carnival" in the ship's name indicates its ownership.

Is the Costa Concordia part of Carnival Cruise Lines?

Costa Concordia is owned by Carnival Corporation which also owns Carnival Cruise Lines.

Who owns carnival cruise line?

Carnival Corporation PLC based out of Miami, Florida with operations globally.

When did Carnival Cruise Lines buy Cunard Cruise Line?

Carnival Corporation, the owner of Carnival Cruise Line, bought Cunard in 1998. Carnival also owns Princess, Holland America and Costa among others.

Who has the most cruise ships?

The Carnival Corporation owns Carnival, Holland America, Cunard, P&O, Ocean Village, Princess, Ibero Cruceros and Aida Cruises.

Is the Princess Cruises line part of the Carnival Cruise Line?

No, they are two separate cruise lines. But they are both under Carnival Corporation & plc. Carnival owns 11 cruise lines and 100 ships.

What cruise lines does Carnival corporation own?

The Carnival corporation owns the following cruise lines (as of 8/1/2013): AIDA Carnival Costa Cunard Holland America Line Ibero Cruceros P&O Cruises P&O Cruises Australia Princess

Who owns princess cruise lines?

Princess Cruises is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC. They own several cruise lines such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, P&O Cruises and several others.

Does Carnival Cruise lines own Royal Caribbean?

No, and it wouldn't be Carnival Cruise lines, it would be Carnival Corporation Plc. which is the company that owns cruise lines like Cunard, Holland America, and Princess Cruises. Royal Caribbean International is their own company. Them and Carnival Corporation Plc. are the two most competitive cruise companies in the world.

What is the symbol for Carnival Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for Carnival Corporation in the NYSE is: CCL.