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Q: Who might be upset by john browns actions but not john browns reason?
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He dumped you without telling you why?

He's afraid that you might get upset or hurt more with the reason. What i would do is settle down, try to talk to him, tell him that no matter what you wont get upset and you deserve a reason, and see how it goes.

Why do people facepalm?

The reason is because they are upset but they do not want other people to see them upset

Is there any reason eating venison would make your stomach upset?

no there is no reason

Why did the actions haden Edwards upset Mexican officials?

i have the same question

Can you use legitamate in a sentence?

There was a legitimate reason for him to be upset.

What do people do if you are upset?

people get upset based upon your actions. for instance when your sad other people become sad. i base my answer upon my own experience

What does the word forgiveness means?

It means to no longer be upset or angry by someone else's actions.

Why does your girlfriend get upset at you for no reason?

She may be upset about something else, maybe something that happened a week ago, next time ask her.

What Artemis might do to you to upset her?

Most often those who upset Artemis did not live long, and if immortal regretted her ire.

Does a man get upset when confronted about another female and the female he is with knows the truth Do you think he is hiding something from his female?

A person hiding something might get upset about being found out. But an innocent person might get upset about being unfairly accused. Or about not being trusted. So upset or not is not good proof of anything.

How do the citizens of Richmond Virginia feel about the actions at Fort Sumter?

The citizens of Richmond Virgina are upset at the horrible actions at Fort Sumter. They have expressed much discontent with the events that have occurred there.

Can you make people angry?

If someone was upset enough by a persons actions, then they would probably feel quite angry.