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Q: Who many champion league has seadof one?
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Will PFK Levski be a champion Bulgaria?

One can have the answer, when the league is completed for this year!

Which player has won more European Cups?

There are a few paulo Maldini leads with 5 champion league medals, Marcelle Desailly has two champion league and raul has more then one.

What trainer has a Milotic in Pokemon Diamond?

Cynthia the Pokemon league champion has one

Where do you see Milotic in sinnoh?

The sinnoh champion Cynthia has one. She is located at the Pokemon league.

How do you become the chosen one in Pokemon platinum?

You must defeat the Elite Four and the League Champion.

Who has won champions league?

No one has won the Champion league yet Semifinals: Manchester United Vs Arsenal Barcelona Vs Chelsea

How many heroes are in league of legends?

There's currently 84 champions. one champion is released every 1-2 weeks

How can you do your own home gym?

ummm you can't. you can pretend to have one if you beat the Pokemon league and you become the champion

How many times has Kurt angle been the WWE champion?

Kurt Angle was a four-time WWE Champion and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Why some players cant play in the champions league?

Some can not, as they were club tied. In other words they played for one club in the champion league , and were transfered in the January window.

How many times khali became world champion?

He is a one time World heavyweight champion

How many baseball leagues are left for 2008?

There are two leagues in Major League Baseball: the American League and the National League. Each league conducts its own rounds of the playoffs, so there will be at least one team from each league still actively playing until the finals -- called the World Series -- are settled. The winner of the World Series is considered the world champion.