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Alex Rodriguez has the highest salary on the Yankees. He makes $33 million a year.

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Q: Who makes the most money on the New York Yankees?
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What baseball team makes most money?

New York Yankees

Who makes the most money in the MLB?

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

What MLB team spends the most money and how much?

The New York Yankees. $206.3 million.

Are the New York Yankees the best sports team out there?

How do you measure it? The most money? The most wins in total competitions?

Who won the world series the most?

The New York Yankees have just recently won their 27th world series. That's the most amount won in the history of baseball!

Who has the most RBIs for the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees all-time RBI leader is Lou Gehrig with 1,995.

Who has won the most World Series championships?

The New York Yankees have won 27 world championships.

Team that makes most in MLB?


Who has the most stolen bases in New York Yankees history?

Derek Jeter has the most stolen bases in Yankees history.

What the difference between Miami heat buying a championship and the new York Yankees?

Most teams spend a lot of money to achieve championship status.

What are the most losses by the New York Yankees in a season?

The Yankees lost the most games as a team in 1908. At that time they were known as the New York Highlanders and they had a record of 51-103.

Which New York Yankees pitcher holds the record for most wins in Yankees history?

The New York Yankees all-time winningest pitcher is Whitey Ford with 236 wins.