Who killed Phoebe Prince?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Phoebe Prince killed Phoebe Prince. Her death was a suicide.

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Q: Who killed Phoebe Prince?
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When was Phoebe Prince born?

Phoebe Prince was born in 1994.

When was Suicide of Phoebe Prince born?

Suicide of Phoebe Prince was born on 1994-11-24.

When did Suicide of Phoebe Prince die?

Suicide of Phoebe Prince died on 2010-01-14.

Who killed George Washington in Phoebe The Spy?

He sucided

Who killed prince Henry the navigator?

who killed prince Henrythe navigator

How long was phoebe prince bullied?

shes probably still being bullied....

Why did Prince Charles get killed?

Prince Charles didn't get killed. He's alive and well.

Who was the football player that phoebe prince had a brief fling with?

A boy named Austin who raped her.

What killed prince?

Prince Albert ll is still alive.

What kinsmen of the prince were killed in Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio is related to the prince so that is why he had romeo exiled instead of killed

How did Phoebe Prince die?

she hung herself when she got home after her bulliers (girls) threw a red bull can at her.

What killed prince albert?

Prince Albert ll is still alive.