Who is who in baseball 1937?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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1937 Who's Who in baseball Lou Gehrig CoverWho's Who in Baseball was published annually by Baseball Magazine co. since 1916. Baseball Magazine launched in 1908 was the leading publication of its time for information on the game of baseball. By the 1950s magazines such as The sporting News, Sport, and Sports Illustrated started grabbing the market share, and by 1965 baseball Magazine printed the last issue. Who's Who in Baseball continues to be published to this day.

The 1937 issue of Who's Who in baseball with the cover picturing Lou Gehrig has a book value of about $70.00 in excellent condition. Issues in mint condition or in less than excellent condition will sell higher or lower accordingly. Condition is important. Common flaws include staining, foxing (yellowing), fading color, stains, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, writing on the cover and mailing labels.

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Q: Who is who in baseball 1937?
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