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Q: Who is the team doctor for the dallas stars?
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What is Dallas NHL team called?

Dallas Stars, named for the original Minnesota North Stars which relocated to Dallas

What was the name of the Dallas Stars hockey team before they came to Dallas?

Minnesota North Stars, who played in Bloomington, MN, moved to Dallas in 1993.

How did the Dallas Stars get their name?

When the team moved to Dallas from Minnesota in 1993, a fan poll decided the team should drop the "North" in the name and just go with "Stars".

Where did the Dallas Stars play before the team was moved to Dallas?

they were the Minnesota Northstars, they played in Bloomington Minnesota at the MET CentreThe Dallas Stars were formerly the Minnesota NorthStars

What NHL team does Mike Modano play for?

Dallas Stars

What was jarome iginla's first NHL team?

dallas stars

What was the last team Eric lindros played for?

Dallas Stars

Who was the team doctor for the Dallas Cowboys in 1994?


Name of Minnesota nhl hockey team before wild?

they were called the minnesota north stars, the franchise relocated to dallas and is currently the dallas stars

What is the name of the Dallas Mavericks Arena and do the Mavericks and the Dallas Stars play in the same arena where do the Dallas stars practice at?

The Dallas Mavericks play at the American Airlines CenterThe Dallas Stars NHL team plays in the same arena, except they call it the American Airlines Arena, and the Dallas Stars practice in the Frisco Dr. Pepper Starcenter

Were did the Dallas stars play before the team was moved in Dallas?

They were used to play as Minnesota and were known as the Northstars.

Willie Mitchell was traded to which NHL team for Martin Skoula?

the Dallas Stars