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Q: Who is the team doctor for the New York Islanders?
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What NHL team is the sparky dragon mascot for?

New York Islanders

What is the name of the New york hockey team?

New York Rangers... New York Islanders.. Buffalo Sabres...

What team does john tavares play for?

New York Islanders

What is the name of the NYC hockey team?

There are two New York Rangers New York Islanders

Which team lost to the New York islanders in 1983?

The Islanders beat the Edmonton Oilers for the Stanley Cup.

Second worst hockey team ever?

New york islanders

What is niall horan's favourite hockey team?

The new york islanders

What is the name of Buffalo's hockey team?

There is 2. The New York Rangers and the New York Islanders!

When was New York Islanders created?

New York Islanders was created in 1972.

What nhl hockey team has won 3 titles in a row?

New York Islanders

Who do Capitals longest win streak against 1 team?

New York Islanders

What are sports team in New York?

Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, Bills, Rangers, and Islanders.