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he Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, or Super Bowl MVP, is presented annually to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl, the National Football League's (NFL) championship game. The winner is chosen by a fan vote during the game and by a panel of 16 American football writers and broadcasters who vote after the game. The media panel's ballots count for 80 percent of the vote tally, while the viewers' ballots make up the other 20 percent. The game's viewing audience can vote on the Internet or by using cellular phones; Super Bowl XXXV, held in 2001, was the first Super Bowl where fan voting was allowed.

Since the first Super Bowl was held in 1967, the MVP award has been given to 41 players. From 1967 to 1989, the Super Bowl MVP was presented by SPORT magazine. Bart Starr was the MVP of the first two Super Bowls. Since 1990, the award has been presented by the NFL. At Super Bowl XXV, the league first awarded the Pete Rozelle Trophy, named after the former NFL commissioner, to the Super Bowl MVP. Ottis Anderson was the first to win the trophy. The most recent Super Bowl MVP was Eli Manning, the quarterback for the New York Giants, who was named the most valuable player of Super Bowl XLVI, held on February 5, 2012.

Joe Montana is the only player to have won three Super Bowl MVP awards; four others-Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady, and Eli Manning-have won the award twice. The MVP has come from the winning team every year except 1971, when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley won the award despite the Cowboys' loss in Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts. Harvey Martin and Randy White were named co-MVPs of Super Bowl XII, the only time co-MVPs have been chosen. Including the Super Bowl XII co-MVPs, seven Cowboys players have won Super Bowl MVP awards, the most of any NFL team. Quarterbacks have earned the honor 25 times in 46 games. Mark Rypien and Hines Ward are the only players born outside the United States to earn the Super Bowl MVP, having been born in Canada and South Korea, respectively.

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Q: Who is the super bowl MVP trophy names after?
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Name of the super bowl mvp trophy?

The Lambardi Trophy

What years did Tom Brady win Super Bowl MVP?

It looks as though Tom Brady will win his first MVP trophy for the 2007 season.

What is mvp prize in super bowl xliv?

The Pete Rozalle Trophy.

What player won the Heisman Trophy national championship Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP?

Desmond Howard

Do the loser of the super bowl win a trophy?

Only if the loser wins Super Bowl MVP. Else only the winning side gets a trophy. Both teams win their conference trophy two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.

Four Heisman Trophy winners have also been super bowl MVPs who is it?

The Heisman Trophy winners who have been named Super Bowl MVP are:Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas Cowboys; Super Bowl VI MVP, 1963 Heisman winnerJim Plunkett, QB, Oakland Raiders; Super Bowl XV MVP, 1970 Heisman winnerMarcus Allen, RB, Los Angeles Raiders; Super Bowl XVIII MVP, 1981 Heisman winnerDesmond Howard, KR/PR, Green Bay Packers; Super Bowl XXXI MVP, 1991 Heisman winner

Does the Super Bowl mvp always go to the Super Bowl?

The super bowl MVP MUST play in the super bowl for them to be the Super Bowl MVP

Who won the MVP of Super Bowl you and II?

Aaron Rangers was the MVP of the Super Bowl

Name Who is the mvp for the last ten Super Bowl and tell what team they played on?

The 10 most recent Super Bowl MVP's are: Super Bowl XXXIV MVP: Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis Super Bowl XXXV MVP: Ray Lewis, LB Baltimore Super Bowl XXXVI MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England Super Bowl XXXVII MVP: Dexter Jackson, FS, Tampa Bay Super Bowl XXXVIII MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England Super Bowl XXXIX MVP: Deion Branch, WR, New England Super Bowl XL MVP: Hines Ward, WR, Pittsburgh Super Bowl XLI MVP: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Super Bowl XLII MVP: Eli Manning, qb, NY Giants Super Bowl XLIII MVP: Santonio Holmes, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

Who was the Super Bowl MVP?

The Super Bowl XLIII MVP was Santonio Holmes of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who was MVP for Super Bowl XLVI?

Eli Manning was named MVP of Super Bowl XLVI.

Who has won the Super Bowl MVP?

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