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The owner of Sheffield Wednesday in England is Sheffield Wednesday plc.

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Q: Who is the owner of Sheffield Wednesday?
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What football team does Jessica Ennis support Sheffield Wednesday or Sheffield united?

sheffield wednesday

When was Sheffield Wednesday F.C. created?

Sheffield Wednesday F.C. was created in 1867.

What division does Sheffield Wednesday participate in?

The division that Sheffield Wednesday participate in is the Championship in England.

Who is the bigger club sheffield Wednesday or sheffield united?

sheffield united have won 44 sheffield Wednesday have won 39 and 38 games have been drawn

When was Sheffield Wednesday Womens F.C. created?

Sheffield Wednesday Womens F.C. was created in 1971.

Is sheffield Wednesday actually officially called the owls?

As a lifelong sheffield wednesday fan myself, yes.

Who is the owner of Sheffield United?

The owner of Sheffield United in England is Sheffield United plc.

Why are sheffield Wednesday pigs?

Sheffield Wednesday's ground, Hillsborough, was built in the same spot as a former pig farm, hence the reason, Sheffield United fans refer Wednesday as 'The Pigs'....or B*s*a*ds...

Which sheffield football team has played the most top flight games?

Sheffield United have played the most top flight games than sheffield Wednesday but Sheffield Wednesday has not be in the premier league for quite a while... did you know more than 70% of sheffield Wednesday's big game are in the Fa cup

When was sheffield Wednesday founed?


Did Gary speed leave sheffield Wednesday to manage wales?

No - Sheffield United.

What are the football teams in Sheffield?

Sheffield F.C. (oldest surviving football team), sheffield Wednesday F.C. and sheffield united F.C.