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Sanath Jayasuriya

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Sachin Tendulkar

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Q: Who is the oldest cricketer who has not yet retired?
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Who is the oldest cricketer?

the oldest current player is Anil Kumble from India, who is 39the oldest retired player was Shane Warne from Australia, who was 39 when he retired.GRAEME ASHLEY HICK Is the oldest cricketer still playing England first class matches...Born May 23, 1966, Salisbury (now Harare), RhodesiaCurrent age 41 years 136 daysGraham Dixon is believed to be the oldest amateur cricketer in England. In 2010, he launched his 52nd season for Uttoxeter Cricket Club, in Staffordshire, at the age of 74.

When was sachin tendulkar retirement?

He is a retired cricketer. 2013 was the retired year.

Who is Rickey Ponting?

retired australian cricketer

Who is Graham Napier?

He was an English cricketer. He retired from the game in 2016.

Why did sachin retire?

He is the best cricketer. He retired because of his age.

Is Imran Khan retired from Cricket?

Yes, Imran Khan retired from Cricket. He was a very great cricketer. After cricket, he has been into politics.s

Who is the oldest Cricketer in Pakistani team?

Muhammad Yousuf

Is Sir Don Bradman the oldest cricketer?


Is cricketer shahid afridi has retired from one day international?


Whose cricketer retired from the all formats of cricket in July 2012?

Vinod Kambli

Which Australian cricketer retired from the international cricket in January 2009?

dean mervyn jones

Is flintof came back?

Flint off the cricketer has retired for good, due to injury.