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The oldest franchise to never have won a Super Bowl? It's the Detroit Lions. The Lions have been in the NFL since 1930 (then playing as the Porstmouth Spartans). After the 1933 season, the team was purchased and moved to Detroit. The team played their first game as the Detroit Lions in 1934. The Lions are one of the six NFL Franchises who have never been to the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles could also be considered (but they really aren't) as the oldest franchise in the league never to have won the Super Bowl. The Eagles were founded in 1933 by Bert Bell, Lud Wray and co. The purchased the territorial rights of the then defunct Frankfort Yellow Jackets (The Yellow Jackets folded in 1931), who actually started in the NFL in 1924. However, since the league had technically revoked the franchise at the end of 1931, there is no "direct" linkage from the Yellow Jackets to the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Through Super Bowl XLVI, there are four teams that have never played in a Super Bowl. The oldest of these teams is the Detroit Lions, whose first season in the NFL was 1930.

In order of age, these teams are:

1) Detroit Lions - entered the NFL in 1930 as the Portsmouth Spartans.

2) Jacksonville Jaguars - entered the NFL in 1995.

3) Cleveland Browns - entered the NFL as an expansion team in 1999. The original Browns (now the Baltimore Ravens) entered the NFL in 1950 and played in Cleveland through the 1995 season. These original Browns never played in the Super Bowl.

4) Houston Texans - entered the NFL in 2002.

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Teams that have never won a Super Bowl:

Atlanta Falcons 0 - 1 (XXXIII)
Arizona Cardinals 0 - 1 (XLIII)
Carolina Panthers 0 - 1 (XXXVIII)
San Diego Chargers 0 - 1 (XXIX)
Seattle Seahawks 0 - 1 (XL)
Tennessee Titans 0 - 1 (XXXIV)
Cincinnati Bengals 0 - 2 (XVI, XXIII)
Philadelphia Eagles 0 - 2 (XV, XXXIX)
Buffalo Bills 0 - 4 (XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII)
Minnesota Vikings 0 - 4 (IV, VIII, IX, XI)

Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions
Houston texans
Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints

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Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are a charter member of the NFL, beginning as the Chicago Cardinals in 1920.

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That would be the Detroit Lions whose first season in the NFL was 1930 as the Portsmouth Spartans. The team moved to Detroit and became the Lions for the 1934 season.

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Detroit lions

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Q: Who is the oldest NFL franchise to never play in a Super Bowl?
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