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Five players have thrown for 3,000 yards and rushed for 1,000 yards in a season, but only one has done it in a 12-game regular season:

Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M, 2012)

12 games: 3,419 passing / 1,181 rushing (4,600 total)

13 games: Stats from the Cotton Bowl (1/4/2013) to be added

The other four needed yardage from conference championship games and bowl games to reach the 3,000/1,000 mark.

Vince Young (Texas, 2005)

12 games: 2,769 passing / 850 rushing (3,619 total)

13 games (bowl): 3,036 passing / 1,050 rushing (4,086 total)

Dan LeFevour (Central Michigan, 2007)

12 games: 3,175 passing / 838 rushing (4,013 total)

13 games (conf. champ.): 3,360 passing / 1,008 rushing (4,368 total)

14 games (bowl): 3,652 passing / 1,122 rushing (4,774 total)

Colin Kaepernick (Nevada, 2010)

12 games: 2,671 passing / 1,029 rushing (3,700 total)

13 games (conf. champ.): 2,830 passing / 1,184 rushing (4,014 total)

14 games (bowl): 3,022 passing / 1,206 rushing (4,228 total)

Chandler Harnish (Northern Illinois, 2011)

12 games: 2,692 passing / 1,351 rushing (4,043 total)

13 games (conf. champ.): 2,942 passing / 1,382 rushing (4,324 total)

14 games (bowl): 3,216 passing / 1,379 rushing (4,595 total)

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Denard Robinson

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Denard Robinson QB Michigan 2010

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Q: Who is the leading College quarterback rushing and passing combined?
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