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It is Carlos Tevez and Yaya Toure.

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Q: Who is the highest played player in English primership?
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Ten highest pay player in English premiership?

who was the highest pay player in premiership

How much does an English soccer player make?

The highest an English player makes is around 9-10mil. quid's a game.

Who are the highest paid player in English football?

It is Christiano Ronaldo.

Which English player has scored the most goals in the English premier league and has never played for England?

Thierry Henry, with 174 goals The highest ever is Alan Shearer, with 260 =] hope i helped!

Highest paid player in english league?

Yaya Toure is the highest paided player in the prem with a basic wage of £185,000 per week

What is the highest paid transfer fee paid for an English player?

The highest transfer fee for a English footballer is 35 million pounds for Andy Carrol.

Who is the highest scoring English player?

Alan shirar

Who the highest paid soccer player in English premier league now?


Who was the highest played NBA player last season?

Kobe or Iverson

What is the highest transfer fee paid for an English player in English Premier League?

The highest transfer fee paid for an English player in the English Premier League was for Raheem Sterling. The total fee added up to a sum of 49 million pounds and, also involved a move from Liverpool to Manchester City.

Who is the highest paid Nigerian player in the English premier league now?

Josh Behnke

What college did NFL player Larry English play for?

NFL player Larry English played for Northern Illinois.