Who is the highest payed player?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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neil landrus

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Q: Who is the highest payed player?
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Who is the highest pay soccer player?

currently christiano ronaldo is the highest payed player, it use to be zinedine zidane

Who was the highest paid fremale athlete in 2007?

The highest payed softball player was Jennie Finch. She was in the Olympics and was a model. Very highly paid!

How much does the highest paid architect make a year?

The highest payed architects are payed roughly 127,000 dollars.

Who is paid the most money on the Toronto Blue Jays?

The highest payed player on the Toronto blue jays is Vernon Wells.

Who is the highest payed actress?

brittny spears:( :(

Who is the single highest paid athlete in the world?

The highest paid soccer player is Samuel Eto'o, he plays for Anzhi Makhachkala and earns £300,000 a week, equalling 60p a second

How much is Brazilian ronaldo and zidan are worrths?

The highest amount payed for the Brazilian Ronaldo was 46 million Euros by Real Madrid who bought him from Inter Milan and the highest amount payed for Zinedine Zidane was 150 billion Italian litre (about 75 million Euros) which at the time was the world record fee for a football player at the time.

How much does mariga earn?

Well....much more than most kenyans. he earns a cool 1.3 m pounds, highest payed east African player

Who are the highest paid players in baseball?

Carlos Beltran is one of the highest payed PLayes and obviously A-rod is too

How much do you get paid for a starting baseball player?

In 2009 the average salary for a major league baseball player was $3.24 million a year, however it depends on the particular player's skills and how much the owner is willing to pay. For example, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is the highest payed playing in baseball earning about $33 million a year. The lowest payed player in 2009 had a salary of about 400,000 anualy.

What do sofapaka players earn in Kenya?

Highest payed players earns how much

What is the salary of tottenham fc players?

mostly 80,000k a week = highest payed players