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1995-2002: Tom Coughlin

2003-2010: Jack Del Rio

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Q: Who is the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars by year?
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What year was the Jacksonville Jaguars inaugural season?

The Jacksonville Jaguars were established in 1995.

Is Jacksonville Jaguars out the playoffs this year?

Yes they are done.

What is the Jacksonville Jaguars record at home?

This year 2-1 i think

What year did the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs?


What year did Jacksonville's pro team form?

The Jaguars first season in the NFL was 1995.

When was the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium built?

1995 to present, it was the same year they came into the NFL.

What year did Jacksonville find out that we were getting the jaguars?

November 30th, 1993 at 4:12 pm EST.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach in 2007?

Mike Tomlin was the Steelers head coach in 2007. That was his first year as head coach.

What super bowl winning team had the worst regular season record the year before they won?

new Orleans saints or the jacksonville jaguars

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars a good or bad team?

they are a good team but lose some of the time but this year they are doing good in 2010 hope the go to the Superbowl

What was Marty Schottenhimers record in his one year as the head coach of the redskins?

Marty was head coach in 2001 and his record was 8-8-0

In what year did Mike Ditka retire has a head coach?