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Q: Who is the gold seal award of merit in fbla-pbl named after?
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Who is the Gold Seal Award of Merut named after?

Cristiano Ronaldo

What awards did Bob Marley get?

Bob won many awards, he won an order of merit award from the jamacian gov. he also got many gold records.

How much is the gold on the Oscar statuette is worth?

The Academy Award for Merit, aka, 'Oscar statuette' is made out of pewter alloy, plated with copper, then gold. The award contains about $500 US of raw material, only a small part of that will be the thin gold plating.

Is there anyone on sketch star that has the blue or gold eye award?

I belive Qazar does! u could check out the profile named boss rulz he has all sketch star award

How do you get gold rank award on miniclip?

Gold Rank Award---300 challenge gamesGold Challenge Award---200 challenge games

What does it mean if a merit badge is outlined in gold?

Category:Boy Scouts of America Elective merit badges use a green circle and Eagle Scout required merit badges use a silver circle. The four historic merit badges issued only for 2010 have a gold circle.

When was Japan Gold Disc Award created?

Japan Gold Disc Award was created in 1987.

What is the Girl Scout's highest merit badge?

The highest award a Girl Scout may earn in Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is the Girl Scout Gold Award. The highest award an adult in GSUSA may receive is the Thanks Badge. For each level there is an award. It starts with Juniors who earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award, then the Cadettes earn the Girl Scout Silver Award. Then the Seniors/Ambassadors may earn the Girl Scout Gold Award. The process is very long but you know you helped your community and maybe even the world!

When did Derek Jeter get his fifth Gold Glove Award?

Derek Jeter won his fifth Gold Glove Award in 2010.

Was Bindi Irwins logie award gold?

Yes it was Gold!

What reward system is use by unilever?

Duno merit gold I think

What is the best award gold silver or bronze?

Gold. Then silver then bronze.