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Q: Who is the girl in the 2012 NFL draft commercial The Arrival?
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Who is the girl in the 2012 milo's kitchen ad?

Who is the girl in the 2012 milos kitchen commercial

Who is the girl from the miller lite home draft commercial?

kelly frye i went to highschool with her

Who is olympic gymnast girl with mom in Bounty commercial?

Shawn Johnson (2012 commercial)

What is the song on the January 2012 Gossip Girl commercial?

it was "sour cherry" by the kills

What actors and actresses appeared in Doctored - 2012?

The cast of Doctored - 2012 includes: Alanah Rafferty as Girl in Commercial

Who is black girl in 2012 dodge charger commercial?

I believe it is actress Erica Hubbard

What is the actor's name in Heineken commercial?

Eric Monjoin. French model, commercial actor, photographer, filmmaker.

Who is the girl in the 2012 Camry commercial with the sports guy restaurant guy and movie guy?

Kelly clarkson

Who are the girls in the Lexus December to remember commercials 2012?

Is Paris Jackson the little girl in the 2012/13 Lexus December to Remember Dinner commercial??

Who is the white girl in the new 2012 Boost Mobile 4G Genie commercial?

Roberta Valderrama - She's Peruvian

Who is the girl in the Carson Nissan spanish commercial?

As of July 7, 2012 and seeing it last week, it is Celeste Santana

Who is the girl in the Hershey kiss Easter commercial?

The young "daughter" in the 2011 and 2012 Hershey Kisses Easter commercial is Alexandra Meyer. She was four years old when it was shot. It was her very first commercial audition and she booked the national commercial. She is on IMDB and doing well at this time.