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The first pick in the 1984 NBA Draft was Akeem Olajuwon by the Houston Rockets and the second pick was Sam Bowie by the Portland Trail Blazers.

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Q: Who is the first and second pick overall in NBA draft in 1984?
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Mario Lemieux was drafted in 1984 What overall pick was he?

He was the first overall pick in the 1984 draft

What draft pick was Mario Lemieux?

First pick overall in the 1984 Entry Draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The first overall pick for 1984 draft basketball?

Hakeem ''The Dream'' Olajuwon

When was Michael Jordan drafteed?

in the 1984 NBA draft in the first round and 3rd pick overall

What draft round was Michael Jordan picked?

Michael Jordan was a 1st round draft choice of the Chicago Bulls in the 1984 NBA draft.

Michael Jordan was the third pick overall in the NBA Draft in what year?


When was Michael Jordan drafted in nba?

In the 1984 NBA draft, he was taken with pick #3 by the Chicago Bulls.

Who drafted Michael Jordan?

Jordan was the 3rd overall pick in the 1984 NBA draft behind Hakeem Olajuwon (#1 - Houston) and Sam Bowie (#2 - Portland).

How did Mario Lemieux join the Pittsburgh penguins?

Lemieux was drafted 1st overall by the Penguins in the 1984 Entry Draft

In the 1984 nba draft who was the third pick of the draft what pick was leon wood and which team picked him?

Michael Jordan was the 3rd pick of the 1984 NBA draft, selected after Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie. Leon Wood was the 10th overall selection, taken by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Who was the first pick in the 1984 NHL Draft?

Mario Lemieux (C)

What year did Michael Jordan the join the NBA?

He was selected after his junior season in North Carolina at Chapel Hill by the Chicago Bulls in the first round, third overall, in the 1984 NBA draft.