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Q: Who is the fastest soccer player in the?
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Who is the fastest south-african soccer player?

#TFC Tlou segolela is the fastest south African soccer player

Who is faster the fastest nfl player of the fastest soccer player?

itz ronaldhino NOT EVEN

Who is the fastest soccer player in Barcelona?


Who is THE second fastest soccer player?


Who is the fastest soccer player in fifa 09?

Obafemi Martins

Who is the fastest soccer player in fifa 08?

Obafamin Martins. OR Agbonlahor from Aston villa

What is the name of soccer player who kicked fastest kick?

Andrew Moffitt can kick a ball at 120mph.

What female US soccer player has scored the fastest goal in the womens world cup?

It could be Mia Ha am.

What female soccer player scored the fastest world cup soccer goal?

The Swedish player Lena Videkull scored a goal after 30 seconds against Japan in the second group match on the 19:th of November, 1991

Which soccer is the fastest?

The fastest soccer player is usually based on their top speed during a match. Players like Kylian Mbappe, Adama Traore, and Leroy Sane are known for their exceptional speed on the field. However, players’ speed can vary depending on different factors such as position, style of play, and physical conditioning.

Fastest soccer shot?

The hardest (fastest) recorded soccer shot in the English Premier League according to The Guardian Unlimited is 114 mph by David Hirst. While there is no official record The Guardian's staff used measurements from the Sky Sports Replay 2000 tracking machine to provide their Top Ten Hardest Shots.

What soccer player scored the fastest goal in the Olympics?

Oribe Peralta in the 2012 Olympics in the final against Brasil at 29 Seconds into the game