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Q: Who is the best team in the world statistically?
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What is the best Pokemon GO team - Instinct Valor or Mystic?

It's all about opinion. I personally am on Team Mystic. Statistically, Team Mystic is the most popular team.

Who is the best NHL team right now?

Statistically and currently the Washington Capitals lead the league in points.

Why is bacon the best food in the world?

It isn't. Statistically the most bought food in the world is bread and cheese.

What is the bestfootball team in the English premiership statistically?

Statistically Manchester United are with a recored with 10 titles

Who is statistically the best international rugby team in history ever?

The New Zealand All Blacks have a 94.8% success rate

Are the Dallas Cowboys statistically the best football team ever?

No. the Cowboys winning percentage is .577 and the Miami Dolphins is .581

Is Italy the best team in the world?

Italy's not the best soccer team but it is the third best soccer team in the world

Who is the beast rugby team in the world?

If you looking at union then its the New Zealand All Blacks as they ARE statistically number 1 in the IRB rankings

Which is the best team in the world?

If you talking about cricket. then Australia is the best team in the world

Ho was the best team in the world?

Chalice is the best team in the world of soccer.

What team is tha best in the world?

Barsalona is the best football team in the world

Which NHL team won the 2007-2008 Stanley cup?

Statistically, the toronto maple leafs is the best hockey team ever