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The current Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting Quarterback is #5 Josh Freeman. The current 2nd string QB is #11 Josh Johnson, and 3rd string is #12 Rudy Carpenter

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Q: Who is the Tampa Bay Bucs back up quarterbacks?
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Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in LA?

The Buccaneers have never played in Los Angeles but back in the late 1920s, there was a LA Bucs but they are not affiliated with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

What rookie quarterbacks have won a playoff game?

Shaun King, Tampa Bay Bucs. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens. Mark Sanchez, New York Jets.

What is the name of the Tampa Bay bucs mascot?

Captain Fear

What kind of playing surface do the Tampa Bay bucs play on?

The Bucs play on a natural grass field.

Who has the most turnovers in the NFL right now?

Tampa bay bucs

What nfl team did quintin borders get drafted to?

Tampa Bay Bucs

What colors are Tampa Bay?

pewter and red and white and orange for the bucs.

Who Was the Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback that wore number 8?

steve young

Who is better Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay bucs?

Detroit lions for sure

What was the Tampa Bay bucs win - loss record in 1976?

The Bucs did not win a single regular season game in their 1976 season.

What were some sports teams of Florida?

Florida gators Tampa bay Bucs Orlando magic and Tampa rays

What shoe company are the Tampa Bay Bucs most affiliated with?

The Tampa Bay Bucs are most affiliated with the Nike brand for their shoes along with other merchandise. They offer t-shirts, jackets, hats, shoes, jerseys and more.