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John Beck, Chad Henne, and Chad Pennington.

They also picked up Pat White in this years draft who will probably be seeing playing time in the wildcat formation this year.

Miami Dolphins-Pat White -

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There have been 16 started for the Miami Dolphins since Marino retired. They are as follows (In no particular order):

Damon Huard

Jay Feidler

Gus Frerotte

Cleo Lemon

Ray Lucas

Trent Green

Daunte Culpepper

Chad Pennington

Chad Henne

Sage Rosenfels

AJ Feely

Joey Harrington

Brian Greise

John Beck

Matt Moore

Tyler Thigpen

If your question is, who was the first QB immediately after Marino retired, the answer would be Jay Feidler

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The current starter for the Miami Dolphins is Chad Henne. His backups are Pat White, Tyler Thigpen, and Chad Pennington.

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Chad Henne from the University of Michigan. He started the majority of last season after Chad Pennington was hurt. He will be entering his 3rd season as a Pro.

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Q: Who is the QB for the Miami Dolphins?
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Who was the starting quarterback for the Miami Vikings in the 1974 Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins starting QB was Bob Griese and the Minnesota Vikings starting QB was Fran Tarkenton.

Who was the Miami Dolphins QB in 1985?

Dan Marino was starter - Don Strock was his backup.

Best player ever to play for the Miami Dolphins?

Statistically: QB; Bob Griese. Potentially: RB; Ricky Williams.

Which Miami Dolphins qb had the season record for most touchdowns before Peyton Manning and Tom Brady beat his record?

Dan Marino had 48 touchdown passes in 1984 with the Dolphins

What famous NFL player was drafted by the Miami Dolphins as the 27th overall pick in the 1983 draft?

Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino.

Who was the winning est quarter back to never win a super bowl?

Dan Marino with 147 wins as starting QB of the Miami Dolphins.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Dolphins in the 1974 Super Bowl?

Bob Griese was the starting QB for Miami in Super Bowl VIII.

What is the name of the Miami Dolphins qb who replaced bob griese in the1972 nfl season?

David Woodley was starting QB for three seasons, until 1983 when he had to step aside for Dan Marino.

What is the hometown of the Miami Dolphins?

it is the name, Miami is the hometown of the MIAMI dolphins

What state is the dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are from Miami, Florida.

Who was dolphins qb when they won Super Bowls?

Bob Griese was a member of three consecutive Super Bowl teams with the Miami Dolphins. They lost Super Bowl VI and won Super Bowls VII and VIII.

What team did super bowl quarterback david woodley play for?

David Woodley was the QB for the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII against the Washington Redskins.