Who is owner of YouTube?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Google is the parent company of YouTube.

They took over on the company on th 13th of November 2006 at a cost of US$1.65 billion in Google shares.

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Q: Who is owner of YouTube?
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Who is currently the owner of YouTube?

Google is the current owner of YouTube.

Which company is the new owner of YouTube?

In 2006 Google Bought YouTube, Today Google is still the Owner of YouTube.

Worry about privacy When you watch a youtube video under your username does the owner of video youtube user know?

No, the owner has no way to know who is watching the videos they put on youtube.

What the name of youtube owner?

Steve chen

What if my video on YouTube is blocked by the content owner?

You can request to have it unblocked. Either than that, it is the owner's video and they have a right to do what they want.

Who is Mr. greengo, the youngest contents creator on YouTube?

He is YouTube channel owner as well as a university student at KsTU

Who is YouTube admin?

Great man)) If you also want to become popular on YouTube, pump up your channel through the Lowcostsmm site (search by domain). And YouTube subscribers you can get there and much more.

Who is Dawnables?

Dawnables is the girlfriend of the owner of the Youtube channel "SkyDoesMinecraft." She plays with him sometimes.

Can you access YouTube from the myTouch 3G?

yes. im a mytouch owner and it comes with a youtube app. its VERY good and has good quality video and sound.

What happens if you send YouTube the wrong email?

Youtube will not know unless: 1. You inform them. 2. The owner of the other address complains. 3. There is no such email.

How do you take off your video response on YouTube?

you can always ask the owner of the video that has the response

How do you find the owner of a video on YouTube to ask permission to use it?

Comment on the video or on their account