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Q: Who is number 66 on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008?
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What is David DeCastro's number on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

David DeCastro is number 66 on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many sacks does James harrison have in his career?

Standout linebacker James Harrison has played 10 years-- 9 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and 1 with the Cincinnati Bengals. During that time he has accumulated 66 sacks.

For how many years have the Pittsburgh Pirates had a losing record?

Through the 2008 season, 16 (1993-2008). The last season the Bucs had a winning record was 1992 when they went 96-66.

Who wore number 34 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Rashard Mendenhall (09-present)Verron Haynes (02-07)Tim Lester (95-98)Leroy Thompson (91-93)Walter Abercrombie (82-87)Andy Russell (66-76)Bob Soleau (64)Bob Simms (62)Charles Scales (60-61)Leo Elter (58-59)Lem Harkey (55)Paul Cameron (54)Fran Rogel (52)Hubbard Law (42)Warren Heller (34)

Who wears number 52 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These players have worn the number 50 for the Pittsburgh Steelers:Rocky Boiman (09)Larry Foote (02-08,10)Earl Holmes (96-01)Reggie Barnes (93)David Little (80-92)Darryl Knox (87r)Tom Graves (79)Jim Clack (69-77)Bill Saul (64, 66-68)John Reger (55-63)Stan Sheriff (54)Melvin Fulwyler (54)George Tarasovic (52)Al Wukits (43)Harold Hinte (42)Nick Studen (42)John Noppenburg (40)

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Mellon Arena is in Pittsburgh, PA. Here is the exact address: 66 Mario Lemieux Place Pittsburgh, PA 15219

How do you spell the number 66?

The number 66 is spelled sixty-six.

What are the retired jerseys in Pittsburgh penguin his?

#66 Mario Lemieux & #21 Michael Briere.

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