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Michael Ballack is number 13. It has been ever since he started playing.

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Lukas Podolski

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Q: Who is number 10 on Germany's soccer team?
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Who is number 10 on uruguay's soccer team?

Diego forlan

Who is number 5 on the US mens soccer team?

There isn't a number 16 currently on the United States' national mens' soccer team.

What is the significance of 10 on a soccer team?

The player that wheres number 10 is usully the best plyer on the tem.

Is the number 10 always the captain of the soccer team?

No, the captain is selected by the manager and could be number 1-100.

What position does a professional soccer player play if he is wearing the number 10 jersey?

Usually attacking midfield, the "number 10" is usually the most dynamic player on his respective team

Why number 10 in soccer team is the best player?

You must not have watched much 'soccer', either that or only the goals have caught your attention. Traditionally the number 10 jersey goes to one of the strikers; strikers grab headlines so that's why you probably came to that conclusion.

Should your soccer jersey number be 70 robinho on AC or 9 Ronaldo the real one or 20 Freddy Adu or 14 Chicharito or 10 Pele and ronaldinho and kaka?

definitely 10. 10 is traditionally the number worn by the best player on the team in soccer. In fact, during the last world cup, nike released a commercial about all the #10s in soccer.

What is Landon Donovan's Jersey number for the USA Soccer team?

He was number 21 until recently he changed to number 10 which is suppost to be worn by the playmaker.

How many players do you need for under 10's soccer?

for u10, players play 6v6, which means 6 players play on the field for a team at a time. the best number for players on a team would be about 10

How many players on a youth 8-10 soccer team?


Can you create a team in FIFA Soccer 09 for PS3?

No you need to use the PS3 game FIFA Soccer 10

What is the value of a soccer ball signed by 15 members of the men's US National Soccer Team?

As it's the US team, maybe about 5 - 10 thousands US$