Who is nickolas anelka?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Nicolas anelka is a french footballer who plays for premier league team Chelsea. he wears the number 39 in Chelsea.

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Q: Who is nickolas anelka?
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How old is anelka?

Nickolas Anelka is 31 years old 1979 born.

Who is the most transfered premiership footballer?

It is Nickolas Anelka of Chelsea and France.

Who is better bendtner or anelka?

Here Nickolas Anelka is far better as he scores more goals ad is a lethal finisher.

Who had the most football clubs in there career?

It could be Nickolas Anelka, he played for 8 clubs.

How many players have been send out in 2010 fifa?

There was one player Nickolas anelka of France.

Who is the higher goal scorer in Chelsea this season fa cup?

This season the top scorer for Chelsea is Nickolas Anelka.

Which footballer has amassed the most in transfer fees throughout their career?

It is either Rinaldo or Nickolas Anelka , who played for 8 clubs.

What french footballer has played the most premier league games?

It is Nickolas Anelka, with Arsenal, Bolton wanderers,Manchester City, and Chelsea.

What seven players played for the big 4 premiership teams and Spain?

They are David Beckham, Michael Owen, Christiano Rolando and Nickolas Anelka. They all played for Real Madrid , and Manchester united, anelka played for Arsenal.

Who are the eight players to score for Liverpool in the premeirship whose surname ends in A?

It is Nickolas Anelka, Luis Garc ia, Dossena, Rissa , Arabelo.

Were there any strikes during the 2010 world cup?

Yes the entire French team went on a strike from training after Nickolas Anelka was sent home.

French football players who play for English clubs?

Gael Glichy,samir Nasri, Patrice Evra, Adu diaby ,Nickolas Anelka, Florount Malouda.