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It is obviously wizkid jor!

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Q: Who is more handsome ronaldo or wizkid?
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What opinions are there on who is the most handsome football player?

cristiano ronaldo

Has Cristiano Ronaldo been in a movie?

not yet! but he is handsome so he can get a chance

Who is the most handsome player in the premiership?

the most handsome football player in the premiership is christiano ronaldo!of course.who else could be????????????????????????????????

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the most handsome football player?

No. Chelseas Fernando Torres is

When did Wizkid - video game - happen?

Wizkid - video game - happened in 1992.

When was Wizkid - video game - created?

Wizkid - video game - was created in 1992.

Who is the richest between wizkid and davido?

Wizkid. Cause hes got a cooler name

Is wizkid Yoruba?

Yes, Wizkid is Yoruba. He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter of Yoruba descent.

Whose singer is the debut album called 'superstar. 1 equals P. Diddy. 2 equals wizkid?


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