Who is messi kids?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Who is messi kids?
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Did messi have kids?


What are the names of Messi's kids?

He is not married yet

Do kids play soccer?

yes he is called messi

How many kids did Lionel Messy have?

2 kids (Boy's) Elder Kid Name: Thiago Messi (4 Years) Younger Kid Name: Mateo Messi (2 Years)

How many people are in Lionel messies family?

8 Kids not including messi

Why should Lionel messi be a famous star?

I think Messi should be famous because he is extremelytalented in soccer. He isn't selfish either. He has his own charity for kids who are disabled.

Does have Messi kids?

Yes two, named Tiago and Mathiew

Is Lionel messi kind?

Yes he is. He didn't let all of his fame get to him. He has a charity for kids who are disabled.

Does soccer star Lionel Messi have any kids?

Even though he has a girl friend he does not have any kids as yet.

What is Messi's dad's name?

Lionel Messi's dad's name is Jorge Messi.

Messi or Ranaldo?


Who is the best football player in the worldCristiano or Messi?