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The leading wicket taker in world cup is Australia'S GLENN MACGRATH, who took 56 wickets in the world cup match against Bangladesh in super eight round in the recent world cup. He brokeWASIM AKRAM'S 55 wicket hall of fame record

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Q: Who is leading wicket taker in all world cups?
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Who was most wicket taker in all world cups?

Glenn McGrath of Australia with 71 wickets overall. He is also the leading wicket taker in a single tournament with 26 wickets in 2007 world cup.

Who is India's leading wicket taker in all world cups?

Zaheer khan along with Javagal srinath hold the record for the most wickets in world cups. They both have caused 44 dismissals.

Who is the most wicket taker in all icc world cup?

Glenn McGrath from australia,who took 71 wickets in all world cups

How many Cricket World Cups has Muttiah Muralitharan played in?

Muthaiah Muralitharan has a total of 783 wickets in test matches and 512 wickets in ODIs. He is the highest wicket taker in test matches and the highest wicket taker if you sum up the total wickets taken in both forms of the game.

Who is the top wicket holder in ICC world cups?

Glenn McGrath took 71 wcikets

Who is soccer world cups leading goalscorer?

It is the Brazilian Ronaldo with 15 goals.

Which country has won the most soccer world cups?

Brazil (5 world cups)

How many World Cups have France been in?

13 World Cups

Why was there no World Cups during 1938 and 1950?

The FIFA world cups were canceled do to the World War.

How many world cups has bra zil won?

5 World Cups

What nation has won the the most World Cups?

Brazil 5 world cups

Which nation has won most World Cups?

Brazil (5 world cups).