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Ted Ginn Jr ran an Official 4.22 40 yard dash in Atlanta. Laser Timed.

Devin Hester ran an Official 4.29 40 yard dash in Indianapolis. Also laser timed.

Ted Ginn Jr is known for being the fastest man in the open field in the NFL, Devin Hester is known for being more agile and accelerating quicker than just about anyone in the NFL, although he may have better acceleration, his top end speed is not that of Ted Ginn Jr.

It should be noted, Ted Ginn Jr recorded this time with a recovering broken ankle, one month after his Ohio State Pro Day, in which he recorded a 4.38 while the ankle still had a cast on it.

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yes faster than everyone. nobody can catch him because, ted ginn is the fastest player in the nfl.

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ted ginn jr is way faster than chris johnson he can leave defenders in the dust

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Q: Who is faster ted ginn or chris johnson?
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Who is the fastest player in the NFL for 2009?

Ted Ginn Jr or Chris Johnson, I'd day Ted Ginn

How tall is Ted Ginn?

NFL player Ted Ginn is 5'-11''.

When was Ted Ginn Jr. born?

Ted Ginn Jr. was born on April 12, 1985.

What is Ted Ginn Jr.'s birthday?

Ted Ginn Jr. is 26 years old (birthdate: April 12, 1985).

What college did NFL player Ted Ginn play for?

NFL player Ted Ginn played for Ohio State.

How much does NFL player Ted Ginn weigh?

NFL player Ted Ginn weighs 185 pounds.

Who is faster Reggie Bush or Ted Gin Jr?

Yes Reggie Bush is much faster he runs a 4.32 while ginn runs a 4.47

What position does Ted Ginn play?

Ted Ginn Jr. plays for the American football team the Panthers. Ted Ginn Jr. previously played for the 49s and the Dolphins. In college football, Ted Ginn Jr. played for The Ohio State University.

Ted ginn jrs hobies?


Does ted ginn jr have brothers or sisters?


Is ted ginn jr a free agent?

Actually Ted Ginn is a 2nd string receiver and starting punt and kick returner for the San Francisco 49ers

Ted ginn jr's 2008 salary?

$3,424,680...........not too shabby