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It is Ryan Giggs he is 36 years old.

Reckon Kevin Phillips must be as he has a few months on Giggs and is 37 this July.

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Q: Who is currently the oldest premiership outfield player?
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Who is the oldest outfield player currently playing in the Premier League?

Ryan Giggs.

Who is the oldest player to ever score on their premiership debut?

The oldest player to ever score on the premiership debut would be at the age of 43. The name of the 43 year old is Vic Cumberland.

Who is currently best player in premiership?

Wayne Rooney!

Oldest premiership player?

Surely it is Teddy Sheringham at arbout 40

Who is the oldest player playing in the premiership?

Jens Lehmann who is 40 in November 10th 2009

Who is the oldest football player in the premiership still playing?

Edwin van der sar

Who is the oldest football player to win the fa cup and the premiership in the same year?

Edwin Vandersar

Who is the only player currently to have scored in every premiership season?

Ryan Giggs

Which football player has won the English premiership uefa champions league uefa cup and has also been relegated from the English premiership and is currently playing in the English premiership?


Who is the oldest player to ever represent a club in the premiership?

Teddy Sherrigham who was 39 years old.and a striker.

What player played in world cup 1990 and currently in premiership?

It could be Edwin Vandersar.

Which player has played for five different Premiership teams that are still currently in the Premiership?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and now Chelsea.