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The question should be "how much better are the Montreal Canadiens than the Leafs" they have the been the best NHL club since conception in the early 1900's and besides the Yankees no other club has more national championships.

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Who do you think? Boston is the best! Canucks are like baby eaters! if you give a canuck a baby than...well you finish the story.

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toronto.they play really well

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Q: Who is better the Montreal Canadiens or Boston Bruins?
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Who is better monteral canadians or Boston bruins?

Montreal Canadiens because they have a kick butt goalie and a better captain then the Boston Bruins!

Are the Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs better?

Montreal canadaiens

What is better Adidas or the Boston bruins?

the bruins have always been better.

Who is better New York rangers or Montreal Canadiens?

new york rangers.

Is Boston bruins better then Toronto maple leafs?

no they are not

Who would win the Montreal canadiens or the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Montreal would win. Why cant the maple leafs drink coffee? because the Canadiens have all the cups! Get it? (stanley cups) Actually Montreal does have the most stanley cups than any other team. But Toronto has the second most. Still Montreal is better. Toronto are loosers since 1967.

Are the bruins better then the canucks?

Yes! Bruins r the best and the canucks eat babies! Bruins r 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 x better than canucks

Who is better Montreal or Pittsburgh?

yes Pittsburgh penguins are better the Montreal canadians

Are the flyers better than bruins?

Yes of corce BULLSHKIIT

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