Who is better luongo or ossgood?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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That is a tough one but Luongo is clearly better.

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Q: Who is better luongo or ossgood?
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Who is better luongo or fleury?

Luongo will kill Fleury any day

Who is better Luongo or Schneider?

Schneider is WAY better, Luongo is the worst goalie ever made, he should be in Pee Wee Hockey

What is Roberto luongo's wife's name?

Roberto Luongo's wife is Cheyyan Luongo

Who is better Roberto Luongo or Martan Brouder in goaltending?

Martin Brouder is good but not good enough So I go with Roberto Luongo martin brouder didn't do well in the winter Olympics

How old is luongo in 2011?

Luongo is currently 32 :)

When was Gerald Luongo born?

Gerald Luongo was born in 1938.

What is Roberto Luongo's middle name?

Roberto Luongo Snchiz

What does roberta luongo drive?

Roberto Luongo drives a Rolls Royce

What nicknames does Francesca Luongo go by?

Francesca Luongo goes by Frankie.

Which NHL goalie is better Roberto Luongo or Patrick Roy?

I guess it's opinion. Looking at statistics Schneider has a better save average, but luongo has the experience. I love them both (but personally feel better when schneider's in net.) I'll be sad when we lose one of them next year.

What is Roberto Luongo's birthday?

Roberto Luongo was born on April 4, 1979.

When was Roberto Luongo born?

Roberto Luongo was born on April 4, 1979.