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This is a close call between Jordan and LeBron, but I will have to go with LeBron. LeBron is simply a beast who can score at anytime, but he is not that selfish. He is only 23 or so years old and already has numerous triple doubles and is in the top 100 scoreres in NBA history. When his career is over, he will have many championships, have been the #1 scorer in the NBA, and would have been considered the best NBA player of all time.

Michael Jordan! LeBron James may be the best around at the moment, however, Jordan is arguably the greatest ever! I think to compare them today is hugely premature.

With all his potential, Lebron James may indeed become a player of Jordanesque stature in a few years; although, I stress, I is far too early to make such a debate.

The bottom line is Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are the 3 greatest players to ever live.

LeBron James

You almost got it right, almost; Jordan is the best player that has ever played the game. Jordan has 6 more championships than Lebron. Lebron, along with Kobe and Carmelo are extremely talented, but right now, Michael is the better player. When it's all said and done, we can tell who is better.

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Micheal Jordan.

Back in the old times, if you watch some games back then, they make playing Basketball look so easy. Why? Because before, every team back then always kept it simple(play style). Now a days, players use a lot of iso (tricks like between the legs, behind the back, etc etc.). I'm not saying it's bad to use iso, it's just that iso makes basketball look harder. Players who keep their play style simple: Deron Williams, Tony Parker. (yet their still all stars.) Lebron uses iso from time to time and he's still awesome, mike uses iso occasionally though. Plus "air jordan" is a 6-time nba finals mvp, led scoring in the nba 10 times, was like a 12 time all-star, all-star mvp, and the bulls did not return to the play offs until 2005 since RETIREMENT. Lebron is a 3-time league mvp, a finals mvp, and the cars struggled since LEAVING.

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Q: Who is better at basketball lebron James or Michael Jordan?
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Who are Michael Jordan's friends?

Michael Jordan has a great friend named Michael Tuvshinsaikhan and he was actually better at Basketball than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,and LeBron James.

Is LeBron James a better player than Michael Jordan?

No because LeBron doesn't know how to run the floor and Michael "Air Jordan" can score about 60 points a game. Even though LeBron is newer does not mean that he is better! Therefore, Michael Jordan is the best Basketball player ever.

In rankings is lebron James better than Michael Jordan?

lebron James is better than Michael Jordan

Who is the best basketball player of all time Jordan or Lebron?

Michael Jordan is the Better because he was more dominant in his time. LeBron might have been a better player but he was not as good as jordan winning those titles

Who is the better basketball player lebron James or Kobe Bryan?

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and rondo

Who is better Michael Jordan or lebron James?

Jordan of Course

Who is the best basketball player after Michael Jordan?

It will be lebron or Kevin durant

Is LeBron James the next MJ?

It depends, Lebron plays the same style as Michael Jordan. But Kobe can beat lebron at basketball any time. So i would say that lebron plays more like Michael Jordan, but Kobe will be the best player after Michael Jordan.

What does LeBron do?

Plays Basketball for the Miami Heat other than Michael Jordan lebron #6 is an ok nba basketball player in the nba basketball history.

What influenced lebron James to play basketball?

The person that inspired Lebron to play basketball is Michael Jordan because he is amazing. Lebron also took his number which is 23.

Will LeBron James career be better than Michael Jordan's?

Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever play the game. That, however, might change once Lebron James finishes his career. Lebron is without a doubt the best basketball player right now in 2009 and will be for the rest of his career. Let's put it this way: Lebron James came out of high school and dominated in the NBA immediately. No one has done that in the history of the NBA. Although Michael Jordan was the "great one" Lebron James will be the greatest basketball player to play the game when he is done.

Who will win out of LeBron James and Michael Jordan?

is that a question or what? Michael Jordan will win it in terms of how he has done in the game of basketball and in the NBA.. Jordan has many achievements rather than lebron.. he can overtake it but he can never erase it..