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Q: Who is better Tom Brady or Joe Flacco Tom Brady.?
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Is Tom Brady better than joe montana?

Don't listen to those junk. Joe Montana is better

Is Joe flacco's grandfather's name Nick Flacco?

Paternal Grandfather - Joe Flacco Maternal Grandfather - Tom Madden

Who is the best Quarterback in the nfl in 2010?

1.Mark Sanchez 2.Micheal Vick 3.Tom Brady 4. Peyton Manning 5.Joe Flacco

Who are 10 best the quarterbacks in the NFL?

Peyton Manning,Tom Brady,Brett Favre,Ben Roethlesberger,Donavan McNabb,Eli Manning,Matt Shaub,Carson Palmer,and Joe Flacco

Who is better Tom Brady or Drew Brees?

Tom Brady

Who is better Tom Brady or Chad Henne?

Tom Brady

Who is better Tom Brady or petton manning?

Tom brady

What influenced Tom Brady?

The career of Joe Montana. Brady idolized Montana.

Top 10 highest paid nfl players?

Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Mario Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, and Tom Brady

Who are the top 5 QBs in AFC right now?

1. Peyton Manning, Colts 2. Tom Brady, Patriots 3. Ben Roethlesberger, Steelers 4. Philip Rivers, Chargers 5. Joe Flacco, Ravens

Who was Tom Brady's idol quarterback?

Joe Montana

Who is better Eli or Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is way better statistically, not to mention his 3 Super Bowl wins