Who is ben barba?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Ben Barba, born in Darwin, Northern Territory, is an Australian Aboriginal professional Rugby league footballer who plays fullback in the National Rugby League for Sydney team, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

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Q: Who is ben barba?
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What school did ben barba go to?

Ben Barba went to school with me at st. Brendens in rocky

How old is Ben Barba?

Ben Barba is 26 years old (birthdate June 13, 1989).

Is Ben barba Muslim?


Who is the best player on the bulldogs team?

Ben barba of course watch bulldog games and see how #1 Ben barba plays

Who scored the try in Bulldogs and Raiders?

ben barba

What has Ben Barba said about himself?

That he is very hot

How many tries has ben barba scored in bulldogs?

124 tries

Is kyle eastmond the youngest rugby league player?

no, Ben Barba is 19 years old.

What is the birth name of Vanna Barba?

Vanna Barba's birth name is Vassiliki Barba.

Who are the three fastest in the NRL?

There would be alot of debate on this one; - Ben Barba - Chris Sandow - Greg Inglis - Matt Bowen and Jennings

What is the birth name of Antonella Barba?

Antonella Barba's birth name is Antonella Marie Barba.

What is the birth name of Mark Barba?

Mark Barba's birth name is Mark Andrew Barba.