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Billy Cannon 1959 half Back L.S.U.

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Q: Who is another Heisman Trophy winning felon other than O J?
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Can a felon associate with another felon in Texas?

No. If you are a convicted felon you can not be around a firearm at all, if you possess it then it's another crime, if you are around it you could be in violation of your probation or parole.

How do you report a convicted felon who has a firearm?

If they are a felon from your sate. notify the state police, if they are a felon in another state, notify the U.S. Marshals office, or the F.B.I.

Where can a felon move to no longer be a felon?

yes another planet. only thing i can think of? otherwise perhaps another country but most of them wont let you become a resident because of the felony. unlesss you are rich...... The answer is, nowhere. Once you are a felon, you are always a felon, period, unless you have been acquitted of the charges.

What is another word for when your are accused of something?

guilty or felon

Can a federal felon get a relocation from state to state without ties to that state?

can a federal felon move to another state where they have no family

Can a felon on probation stay married to another convicted felon?

Yes, if they are married, the stipulation of "not associating with other known criminals" obviously does not apply.

Will the us look for a non violent felon in another country?


What is another word for a person who commits a violent crime?


Can a felon use another persons firearm?

No, they cant possess firearms at all

If you lost a job due to a felon crime at another place can you still collect unemployment?


Can a felon resident alien become a citizen through marriage to a another u.s citizen?


Can i have a concealed handgun license and carry a gun if married to felon in Texas?

Yes. Being married to a felon does not restrict another person from owning a gun or getting a permit, however, you have to take careful steps to be sure the person who is the felon never has access to the gun.