Who is Patrick boyle?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Patrick Boyle (born March 20, 1987 in Glasgow) is a Scottish football defender playing for Everton. He has represented his country at under 19 level.

Boyle signed terms for Everton's academy in 2003, from Scottish side Livingston. He performed well in his first two years for the academy and reserves and in July 2005 the versatile defender was rewarded with a one year professional contract.

Boyle was named on the substitutes bench for the FA Cup 4th Round tie against Chelsea in March 2006. In the summer of 2006 he signed a one year extension to his contract and made his first appearances for the first team in the 2006 pre-season.

In September 2006, Boyle joined Championship side Norwich City on a one month loan deal and made his debut for the club on 16 September against Crystal Palace at Carrow Road. His loan spell at Norwich ended on October 17 due to Boyle picking up a back injury. Boyle's back injury kept him out for the remainder of the 2006/07 season.

Boyle was named amongst the substitutes against Zenit St Petersburg and also travelled with the first team squad to Holland for Everton's next UEFA Cup game and was named on the bench for the match with AZ Alkmaar.

He signed for League One side Crewe Alexandra on 21 January.After impressing in his first month Boyle's loan was extended by a further 2 months making him a part of the Alex squad until April 19th 2008[1]

Boyle has since returned to Everton after making a total of 17 appearances for Crewe Alexandra.

He signed for the Scottish Third Division team Dumbarton FC in January 2009 and helped then lift the league cup and qualify for promotion, making 20 appearances for the side and scoring a couple of goals along the way.

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Q: Who is Patrick boyle?
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