Who is Bryant schmude?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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BRYANT SCHMUDE is an historian and entertainer. He was born in Brooklyn NY but grew up east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Dooker's Hollow/North Braddock, PA/USA. His father Theodore passed away when he was age 7.

From a young age, Bryant never followed the flow of other children...Instead developing a independent spirit and intellect at an early age. He attended grade school at Hartman Elementary School in North Braddock...until the family left Western PA for many years.

After living for a breif period in South NJ--a time of family hardship and sorrow--Schmude would end up in various places around the world.

In later years, he developed a unique style as a historian and writer...His articles were published in various newspapers and are noted for many rare tidbits--tucked craftfully inside the stories.

Schmude--eventually became involved with the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Railway in Washington County, PA where he created the nationally unique and colorful BIRTHDAY TROLLEY....a decorated historic electric trolley car operation---prepared with balloons and decorations by Schmude...His character of "MR CONDUCTOR" grew into a local cult folk-legend thanks to his sincere devotion to the children, guest and his colorful entertainment...including his Prussian Banjo which he often played for his passengers.

Schmude later built a personal cabin someplace in The Bitterroot Mountains but it's actual location has never been found. For a public figure, little of the real Bryant Schmude is really known. It is known that he pretty much stayed to himself...often disappearing into the forest for days at a time. The rest is both a mystery and history...

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Q: Who is Bryant schmude?
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