Who invented streets?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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All the Romans.

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Q: Who invented streets?
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Who invented street dancing?

Average kids that lived on the streets. Nobody special.

Why was the subway invented?

because they thought above ground travel was too dangerous and expensive.

Who invented patrol car?

The first police car was a wagon run by electricity fielded on the streets of Akron, Ohio, in 1899.

When were streets invented?

buddy if you don't know that then you may be screwed. all I can tell you is that they where around before the vikings and after the stone age.

How did thomas Edison's discovery change lives?

He invented the Light Bulb so now we have lights in tunnels, Streets, and in Our house.

Who invented street names?

The concept of naming streets existed long before a specific inventor can be credited. Streets have been named as a way to navigate and identify locations in communities for centuries, with the practice evolving over time to the formal system we see today.

The streets are lit or the streets are lighted?

The right answer - the streets are illuminated.

What have the Greeks invented?

-Olymics -Theater-Democracy-Architecture

Metaphors about streets?

Dusty street that seem to lead nowhere. Over the narrow winding streets. Chaotic streets. Sun washed streets. The streets kissed the coast

Who invented the streetlights?

The first electric streetlights were invented by Charles F. Brush in the late 19th century. Brush's arc lamps were used to illuminate the streets of Cleveland in 1879, making them one of the earliest forms of street lighting.

Who first invented skateboarding and wh?

it was beilieved that surfers such as tony alva and stacey perleta created skateboarding in the winter when it was to tough to surf so they would surf the streets!

Why were canned invented?

The garbage can as we know it today was not an invention, per se, but rather as evolution from simple containers used to hold garbage, rather than throw it into the streets.