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This is a list of the number of quarterbacks that have started for other teams during Brett Favre's streak Chicago 21

Washington 18

Arizona/Phoenix 17

Miami 17

Oakland/L.A. Raiders 17

Atlanta 16

Cleveland 16

New Orleans 16

St.Louis/L.A. Rams 16

Baltimore 15

Dallas 15 Detroit 15

N.Y. Jets 15

Minnesota 14

Tampa Bay 14

Denver 13

Philadelphia 13

San Diego 13

San Francisco 13

Cincinnati 12

Seattle 12

Tennessee/Houston 12

Carolina 11

Buffalo 10

Jacksonville 10

Indianapolis 9

N.Y. Giants 9

Pittsburgh 9

Kansas City 9

New England 7

Houston 5

Green Bay 1

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Favre was with the Green Bay Packers from 1992 to 2007. In these 15 years, there have been 21 different starting QB's for the Chicago Bears. Here's the full list with the number of games each player started for the team:

1987-1993Jim Harbaugh(started in 44 of 112 regular season games)1990-1993Peter Tom Willis(3 of 64)1992Will Furrer(1 of 16)1993-1996 & 1999-2001Shane Matthews(15 of 112)1994-1995Steve Walsh(11 of 32)1994-1998Erik Kramer(46 of 80)1996Dave Krieg(12 of 16)1996-1998Steve Stenstrom(7 of 64)1997Rick Mirer(3 of 16)1998Moses Moreno(1 of 16)1998-2002Jim Miller(26 of 80)1999-2000Cade McNown(15 of 32)2000Mark Hartsell(0 of 16)2002Cory Sauter(0 of 16)2002Henry Burris(1 of 16)2002-2003Chris Chandler(13 of 32)2003Kordell Stewart(7 of 16)2003-2008Rex Grossman(36 of 96)2004Chad Hutchinson(5 of 16)2004Craig Krenzel(5 of 16)2004Jonathan Quinn(3 of 16)2005Jeff Blake(0 of 16)2005-2007Kyle Orton(33 of 64)2006-2007Brian Griese(6 of 32)

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Q: Who have been starting NFL quarterbacks since Brett Favre became a starter in Green Bay?
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Brett Favre is easily one of them.

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brett farve

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Who were quarterbacks for the NY Jets?

Chad Peniington, Brett Favre

Who were the backup quarterbacks to Brett Favre?

Kurt Warner, Aaron Rogers

How many NFL quarterbacks are older than Brett Favre?

None. Brett Favre is the oldest active quarterback at this time.

Who were the quarterbacks in the 1997 Super Bowl?

Brett Favre for the Packers and Drew Bledsoe for the Patriots.

Who are the green bay quarterbacks that won Super Bowls?

Bart Star, and Brett Favre

What quarterbacks have started playoff games with different teams?

There are dozens of quarterbacks that have started playoff games with different teams. Two are Brett Favre and Chad Pennington.

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Bart Starr and Brett farve

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