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Q: Who has the records for most three pointers made in a game by Indiana University?
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Kobe Bryant all records in NBA?

81 POINT GAME : Second Highest Feat in NBA history. 12 THREE POINTERS: Most in a single game by One Player. 9 STRAIGHT THREE'S: Most Consecutive Three Pointers in a one game by a Player.

How many three-pointers did LeBron James make?

he made about 130,000 three pointers

How do you get score 6?

3 two-pointers or 2 three-pointers

Who is the leading three point shooter in Indiana University Basketball History?

a j guyton

Can ben Wallace shot three pointers?

Ben Wallace can shoot three pointers but he is not as accurate as other professional players.

Who is sage steele's husband?

Sage Steele's husband is named Jonathan Bailey. They met at Indiana University. The couple have three children together.

What are most three pointers Reggie Miller has ever hit in a game?

Twice Reggie Miller hit eight three pointers.

What was the year of Indiana University's first graduating class?

IU had its first graduation in 1830 with three graduates.

How many shots to get 40000 points in the NBA?

that would be 20000 two pointers or about 13333 three pointers

Who has most three pointers in a quarter?

Michael Redd hit 8 three pointers in the 4th quarter (Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors)

What kind of drills do you use for three pointers two pointers and foul shots?

just keep shooting its not that hard

How many is the most 3 pointers in one game?

24 three pointers by the suns in 2011 vs the lakers