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Wilt Chamberlain

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Q: Who has the most block shots in nba history?
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Who leads the NBA in block shots?

Hakeem the dream

What is the record of most block shots in a NBA game?

The record for the most blocked shots in a single NBA game belongs to Toronto vs. Atlanta on March 23, 2001. This game also holds the record for most blocked shots in one half.

What are the NBA statistics for most successful 3-point shots?

The record for most made shots in a NBA carrer is Reggie Miller (USA) .

How many game winners has Kobe made?

Kobe Bryant made a total of 35 game-winning shots during his NBA career.

Who has the most shots in the NBA?

Karrem Aldul-Jabbar

What is a good question to ask about basketball for a school project?

Some good questions include: When was basketball started? Who started basketball? Where was basketball started? What was one of the original ABA teams? Who has the most championships in NBA history? Who is the NBA's all-time blocked shots leader? Who has played the most minutes in NBA history?

What are 5 point shots in NBA?

The NBA does not have 5 point shots.

Which NBA player took the most shots in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has attempted the most field goals in NBA history. He shot 28,307 times.The top 10 players, with the most shot attempts in NBA history, are:Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 28,307Karl Malone - 26,210Michael Jordan - 24,537Elvin Hayes - 24,272John Havlicek - 23,930Wilt Chamberlain - 23,497Dominique Wilkens - 21,589Alex English - 21,036Hakeem Olajuwon - 20,991Elgin Baylor - 20,171

Who has made the most shots in the nba?

Type your answer here... Kobe Bryant

Which NBA player missed the most shots in a season?

Michael Jordan

Who has the NBA record for most 3-point shots made and how many?

Kobe Bryant with 11 3-point shots

Who has the most buzzer beater shots currently in NBA?