Who has scored for 7 different clubs?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Who has scored for 7 different clubs?
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Who has scored for two different premiership clubs?

bill Cosby

What 7 players have scored for 6 premier league clubs?

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Who has scored against Celtic for three different clubs?

Johnny Doyle. He was electric.

Who has played for 6 different premiership clubs yet never scored?

Stuart Pearce

Who has scored the most premiership goals for four different premiership clubs?

Darren bent

Who has as only one scored for 5 different clubs in the Champions league?

Hernan Jorge Crespo

4 players who scored against Manchester united for 3 different clubs?

Tom Farringtonnn

Which player has scored greater than 100 premiership goals for two different clubs?

Alan Shearer

Who scored for 5 different clubs in champions league?

Anelka, He Scored For Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid And Fenerbache Crespo, He scored for Parma, Lazio, Internazionale, Ac Milan and Chelsea

Which overseas players have scored goals for 5 different premier league clubs?

Nicolas Anelka has played and scored for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.

Which player has scored for many clubs?


Who has scored for six different premier clubs?

Les Ferdinand for QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham, Leicester, West Ham, Bolton.