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The Giants beat Tom Brady in his two Super Bowl losses (numbers 42 and 46)

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Matt Light.

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Q: Who has beaten tom brady and Peyton manning the most?
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Who has the most touch downs in a season Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning has 6 NFL individual records and Tom Brady has 2

Who has the most comebacks in the 4th qtr manning or brady?

Peyton Manning has 38 and Tom Brady has 26, but Peyton Manning has played for 2 more seasons than Brady

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton Manning. He's the only quarter-back that doesn't play with a huddle, he calls the plays at the line right after he reads the defense.

Who's record did Tom Brady beat for most touchdowns?

Peyton Manning's

Who was the most sacked quarterback in the nfl in the last four years?

Peyton Manning Tom Brady

Who are the 3 quarterbacks in the NFL with the most passing yards?

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees

What is the most passing touchdowns in one season?

50, Tom Brady, 2007 49, Peyton Manning, 2004

Who is the most paid NFL football player?

As of the 2009 NFL Season, the highest paid player was Eli Manning of the New York Giants.He has a 6 year $97.5 million contract.

What player has the most NFL MVP's?

Peyton Manning. (4)

Who is the most consistent NFL quarterback?

This is a tough call, but Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have been the most consistent qb's over the last 5 years.

Elway holds the come from behind record with 47 How many do Montana Favre Peyton Manning and Brady have?

Most TD passes completed with each other.

Did Peyton Manning beat the record for most touchdown passes in 2004?

Yes. He broke Dan Marino's record of 48 with 49 of his own. however, Tom Brady beat Manning's record with 50 a few years later.