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Their biggest rival in the National Football Conference is the Washington Redskins. In the American Football Conference, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Any team can beat any team but the cowboys have a weakness to the Giants

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Q: Who has a rivalrie against the cowboys?
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What is the playoff record vikings against cowboys?

The Cowboys are 5-3 in playoff appearances against the Vikings.

Who has won the most of their games against each other Cowboys or Steelers?

The Cowboys have won most of the games against the Steelers.

What Redskin player had 3 touchdowns against the Cowboys in 2005?

Chris Cooley scored 3 times against the Cowboys in 2005.

Record between indiananpolis colts and Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys are 8-5 against the Colts.

How many times and against who have the Dallas Cowboys played in a superbowel?

eight superbowls colts def cowboys cowboys def dolphins steelers def cowboys steelers def cowboys cowboys def broncos cowboys def bills cowboys def bills cowboys def steelers

How much did the Cowboys win by in the 1996 Super Bowl?

The Cowboys won by 10 points against the Steelers.

How many games have the Texans won against the cowboys?

The Cowboys lead the series two games to one.

What is Brett Favre's record against the cowboys?

Favre is 4-9 in career games played against the Dallas Cowboys. The total includes regular-season and playoff appearances.

What is Ben Roethlisberger's record against the Dallas Cowboys?

Through the 2016 season, the Steelers quarterback is 2-2 against the Cowboys.

Could the raiders and cowboys play in the Super Bowl against each other?

yes the raiders would beat the cowboys

Who are Dallas Cowboys playing Nov 1 2009?

The Cowboys are playing at home against the Seattle Seahawks on Nov. 1, 2009.

What is the Dallas Cowboys' opening-day record against the New York Giants?

Through September 10, 2017, the Dallas Cowboys are 9-1 in opening day games against the New York Giants. The Cowboys beat the Giants in the 2017 opener 19 to 3.